Mender update - preventing rollback

I am using mender-client on the Yocto duffel 32.5.1 for Nvidia Jetson NX Xavier.
I have a version to be deployed, but I need to make sure device will NEVER rollback from this version to older ones.
If, for example, my version is 2.0 and old version before update was 1.0, installation of 2.0 was completed, device reboots and tries to report to server. If reporting fails, at some point the device will roll back to 1.0.

Also, if boot fails repeatedly even after 2.0 was committed successfully, it will try to go back to 1.0.

Trying to avoid theseā€¦

Is there a way I can mark the B partition as not bootable? Maybe write my 2.0 image to both A and B (is this possible)?


Hi @Tirank,

In case this has not been solved yet, a possible solution is the Update Module provided here