Mender Server start at boot

I’m trying to autostart the Mender production server at boot, in order to run everything unattended.
Editing the common.yml line from

restart: on-failure


restart: unless-stopped

causes the system to boot with deployments container in perpetual restarting status.
Web UI becomes unresponsive and crashes.
Logs shows dial tcp to address:9000 failing with Connection refused

Giving a

./run stop
./run up -d

fixes it.

Any clues?

I had a similar problem and in my case I found that docker was launching mender before all required systemd services were up. In the end i configured docker to not start mender containers on boot and added my own mender systemd service to ensure the required system services were up before launching mender-server. See below for systemd service I created. Obviously your setup will be different so change the necessary values to suit

Description=Mender docker embedded image upgrade services
After=docker.service systemd-user-sessions.service

ExecStart=/home/mender/applications/IwMenderServer/production/run up



Thanks for your detailed solution!
Where did you tweak docker to stop loading some containers on boot?
I can’t find any related config line…

I think i changed the restart policy on each of the mender containers from “always” to “no” to stop the containers starting on boot. The following command will reconfigure each of your running containers

docker update --restart=no $(docker ps -a -q)