Mender-partuuid and mender-data-growfs incompatible

Mender-partuuid throws a warning if MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE is defined however mender-data-growfs requires it to be there to work.
Should there be a warning if both are enabled or automatically disable growfs if partuuid is enabled?
Another option would be to expand the script to find the data drive by label or UUID if MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE is not defined.

I think it would be best if we can support both option simultaneously. What is the error you are seeing? Is it a build issue or runtime?

Somewhat both. Defining MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE triggers
if bb.utils.contains(‘DISTRO_FEATURES’, ‘mender-partuuid’, True, False, d) and d.getVar(‘MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE’, True) != “”:
bb.warn(“MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE is ignored when mender-partuuid is enabled. Clear MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE to remove this warning.”)

However MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE is used to feed the growfs systemd script.
ExecStart=/usr/sbin/parted -s {MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE} resizepart {MENDER_DATA_PART_NUMBER} 100%

So if you define it you get a bunch of warnings if you don’t growfs doesn’t have a drive and fails.

Just getting rid of the warning will still be an issue because you can’t guarentee MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE will match the correct drive. You would need to use something like the data partition’s uuid or maybe label.

Yeah, it sounds like the growfs logic needs to dynamically determine which device is used in the case mender-partuuid is enabled.