Mender helm chart websocket issue

Hello ,

Latest helm chart installed in AWS EKS and mender exposed via proper dns and certificate ( Nginx Ingress controller ) . The remote terminal functionaltiy doesnt work with below error .

{“error”:“websocket: the client is not using the websocket protocol: ‘upgrade’ token not found in ‘Connection’ header”,“request_id”:“b244ce30-6daa-4a7a-b9af-0157c6244f8c”}

Is there any speical configuration to be done at ingress ?


Hi @sudheermygapula ,
if you’re using the AWS Application Load Balancer, can you try the AWS Load Balancer Controller instead of the Nginx Ingress controller?

Hey ,

we using aws nlb and Nginx Ingress controller installed with in EKS . i can not switch to AWS Loadbancer
as other apps in cluster configued and workign fine with this setup.

Could you please share any other suggestion to trobleshoot.
Thansk ,