Mender device identity confusion

I’m using a golden master that is deployed on other devices, using the default identity script that uses MAC address. The new flashed device appears under the golden master device’s id. Here’s a screenshot showing the golden master device and mac, asking for a terminal and confirming the MAC address is different.

What are the key files to remove from the golden master to avoid mixing identities ?

Hi @peac

In general, the Golden Master workflow works best when you do not have Mender integrated in the Golden Master. You do all your work in that image and then as a post-processing step use mender-convert to add Mender.

In theory you can remove the files /data/mender/mender-store* and /data/mender/mender-agent.pem to force everything to be refreshed. We can’t guarantee that will always work though as that is really an internal detail of how the client works.


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That works perfectly, thanks! The usual flow of using mender-convert does not work for us as we’re using a pretty custom install with self compiled u-boot for usb, kernel, dtbs and exotic flashing method from sd card to ssd.