Mender-Deployments and S3 Bucket

Dear Mender Community,

I’ve been trying to setup a mender service managed by rancher following this tutorial on DO.

After solving a lot issues with SSL certificates and config setup files, going through the documentation and git repo’s to find the information needed, I’m finding myself in need of some like-minded people who could help me.

Our mender-deployments containers keep failing to start with the following error:
5-7-2019 16:27:47FATA[2019-07-05T14:27:47Z] BucketAlreadyExists: Bucket already exists
5-7-2019 16:27:47 status code: 409, request id: file=proc.go func=runtime.main line=185

The error itself is obvious and setting everything up with a non existing bucket name creates the new bucket on startup and the container is able to run.

The problem arises as we already have a existing bucket! We don’t want to create new bucket.
Also we tested taking the container down as a failure test and then restart and we get the same error again.

I have been looking if there was a flag that would make the container create a new bucket when it was non existant but it seems to always create a new one by default.

Can somebody give me some more information about this case or point me in the right direction?

Kind regards,