Mender declining artifact from file system, accepting from http

Hi all,

I’ve got an artifact which gets accepted by mender client 2.5.2 only when presented via http. When installing from a local file, mender fails like so:

INFO[0000] Installer: authenticated digital signature of artifact 
ERRO[0000] Reading headers failed: installer: failed to read Artifact: readHeaderV3: handleHeaderReads: reader: reading header error: invalid checksum; expected: [d43e9e0e7f812c1b4d1eaafc9fcb2389dd3dd4d110812fab08c70a63f780d236]; actual: [ef6b4d69cfbed50c947e7b9eb6639e2922d68b918bfbd6c0ede9f986f34c5f0e] 
INFO[0000] Collected output (stderr) while running script /etc/mender/scripts/Download_Error_10_sendState

The manifest file in the artifacts root dir (for those who don’t know, mender artifacts are posix tar archives) reads

d43e9e0e7f812c1b4d1eaafc9fcb2389dd3dd4d110812fab08c70a63f780d236  header.tar.gz

, so I expected header.tar.gz to have an incorrect checksum as reported by mender. But to my surprise, the file appears valid:

$ sha256sum header.tar.gz 
d43e9e0e7f812c1b4d1eaafc9fcb2389dd3dd4d110812fab08c70a63f780d236  header.tar.gz

Is there a known problem in mender client 2.5.2? I checked the changelog but didn’t see anything obvious.

Thanks, regards,

Hello mender support,

feel free to take a look and inspect the artifact in question yourself. It is 0-nellieOS-2.13.8-drdc.1.1.0-vps19dev-cifeaturebuild-500. It appears valid to me. If you want, we can do a tmate session so you can observe the installation procedure fail yourself.