Mender container inside raspberry


Is it possible to run a docker container from the base image FROM mendersoftware/mender-client-docker:2.4 inside a raspberry-pi-3? I am asking this because when building the image it alerts me that standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error and searching on that error it appears that it can be caused if the host OS is different from the container OS, in this case the host is armhf and I believe that the container based on that image is different from that.


I’ve not used that container myself but I suspect it is compiled for x86 and not for Arm. @oleorhagen do you know anything about this?

Hello, yes, this is due to the architecture mismatch. The images are packaged for x86 like @drewmoseley says. It is possible to package this for ARM though for yourself, if this is required :slight_smile: