Mender-client 2.0 no longer exits 2 if nothing to commit

In standalone mode, mender command exits with code 2 when running mender -commit when there is nothing to commit.

Under mender 2.0, the exit 2 is still there but the code block is unreachable.

Below is a quick and dirty patch to restore the behavior:

diff --git a/standalone.go b/standalone.go
index e54d1c6..6320cfb 100644
--- a/standalone.go
+++ b/standalone.go
@@ -538,7 +538,7 @@ func handlePreDatabaseRestore(device *deviceManager) (*standaloneData, error) {
 	// VerifyReboot() is what would be used to verify we have rebooted into
 	// a new update.
 	if !ok || dualRootfs.VerifyReboot() != nil {
-		return nil, errors.New("No artifact installation in progress")
+		return nil, installer.ErrorNothingToCommit
 	// Forcibly sidestep the database for artifact name query and fetch it

Thanks, this indeed looks like a good fix. I have submitted it