Mender-cli artifacts delete ID to delete an artifact


I would like to delete an artifact using mender-cli, how to do this?
This is how I tried it:

herodev@ubuntu-bionic-desktop:~/Downloads$ ./mender-cli artifacts --server delete hero-secc-release-2.0rc9748-dbg3
Configuration file not found. Continuing.
FAILURE: artifact upload failed with status 404, reason: Gateway Timeout

It says artifact upload failed but I’m suppose to delete that artifact.
What’s the correct syntax?

Thank you!

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  1. Get the ID
herodev@ubuntu-bionic-desktop:~/Downloads$ ./mender-cli artifacts list --server
Configuration file not found. Continuing.
ID: 084d7982-6e1b-403b-90eb-44154840f6ed
Name: hero-secc-release-1.50-RC2

  1. Delete using the ID
herodev@ubuntu-bionic-desktop:~/Downloads$ ./mender-cli artifacts delete 084d7982-6e1b-403b-90eb-44154840f6ed --server
Configuration file not found. Continuing.
delete successful
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Hi @marizonne.villafranc,

Thanks for sharing the solution so others can benefit!


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