Mender-binary-delta-generator - ERROR: No help topic for 'dump'

I’m trying to create a delta update file using the mender-binary-delta-generator without success.
The error shown is:
No help topic for ‘dump’

This is what I did:
I used this repo repo init -u
-m meta-mender-raspberrypi/scripts/manifest-raspberrypi.xml
-b thud
After preparing several things, I’m trying to get the mender delta upgrade up and running atm.
So there’s are the versions 1.0.0 and included in the thud repo.
I downloaded the generator for 1.0.1 and 1.1.0 and created two artefacts with individual artefact names.
Now I want to run the generator to get the delta.mender file.
First error was that the command mender-artifact cannot be found. I located the x86 version in the sysroot folder of the yocto env and copied this file to /usr/local/bin of my build host.
So the command is found.
When I run the generator now using this command:
./mender-binary-delta-generator -n v1.2-deltaform-v1.1.mender release-v.1.1.mender release-v.1.2.mender
I get an error:
No help topic for ‘dump’
Can anybody provide assistance with that?
Thank you,

okay let’s reply to my own post.

I had to use the mender-artifact in version 3.4.0.

The version I used before was 2.4.0 and thats too old.

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