Mender-artifact for windows platform?


It seems the Makefile of mender-artifact tool contains cross compilation for windows platform (mender-artifact/Makefile at master · mendersoftware/mender-artifact · GitHub), but you do not provide the windows executable on Downloads | Mender documentation. Only Linux and MacOs.

Is it possible to get the windows platform version too? Or maybe it s not provided because of lack of support for windows?


Hello @joelguittet,

Actually, for the master version you can find it pre-compiled at:

However, this is a completely unsupported platform as per today, and we don’t run any kind of tests against it.

This is the reason why we don’t link it from Mender Docs, but you are welcome to give it a try!


Hello @lluiscampos

Thanks for this. I made a test and the mender server reject the artefact when I upload it, with the following error:

Artifact couldn’t be uploaded. reading artifact error: readHeaderV3: handleHeaderReads: reader: error getting header Payload number: can not get Payload order from tar path… [Request ID: 6740a31b]

I checked the differences between artefact generated on Unix and Windows and obviously the main difference is the paths with “/” and “\” inside the tar… Probably the main cause of the failure.

I’m still interested by this, when it will be available.