Make docker container for mender-convert first class citizen

Hi community,

we are currently using the mender docker container to convert our debian images so they use mender. Everything works fine but in the process of creating reproducible builds it’s a bit cumersome to download a certian version of the docker container and also all of the source code. Thinking about it, the following actions would remove the issue:

  • Embed the mender-convert sources into the docker container
  • Publish the docker container to docker Hub
  • Make sure the docker containers are tagged in the same way as mender-convert is tagged in the repository.

I am willing to move mender-convert into this direction. Are there others that might jump aboard?

Regards, Simon

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I would have to say…ABSOLUTELY! In my opinion, this would definitely be an excellent improvement. I’ll stop talking now because otherwise, I’ll probably start ranting about other things.