Install latest artifact to group

May i ask question not related to that problem here? is it possible to install latest artifact by the device group in which the device is and run it? Is there ready command for that?

Hi @livelove1987,

Not sure I understand the question. So you have a group of devices. Static or dynamic? And you want to install an artifact to all devices in the group? Basically that’s what a group is for. create the deployment as needed and choose the group as target devices.
What do you mean by “latest artifact” then?


I mean i just want to install latest artifact for device when device has been added to my dashboard.
So when first authorized my device and added it to correct static group i just want to install latest artifact which was deployed for that group and run it

@livelove1987 that’s not directly possible, at least not with static groups and “latest” magic. What you are describing is a combination of a deployment created for the currently latest release together with dynamic groups. That is available as a feature on the Enterprise plan.

Other than that, you can definitely automate it by using the API and web hooks, but its up to yourself then.


Okay, will i stick to just moving current artifacts to devices manually and then triggering artifact deployment