Increase the system partition storage

Hello to everyone.

I have a question about OS partitions. I didn’t find a solution for this.

Is it possible to increase the 2 main partitions with an update?

i set the OS partition to 500MB and the data partition to 2GB.
I deploy some devices.
Later i discover that 500MB for my OS is not enough, so i would like to increase this partition to 1GB.
I would like to do this with an update and i would like to avoid to rewrite all the sd-cards.

Thank you.

You may be able to use LVM but I don’t know what level of support mender has for this.

The problem with LVM is that neither U-Boot nor GRUB can read this, so they are unable to fetch the kernel from it. It is possible to modify the boot scripts to load the kernel from the non-LVM boot partition instead, but then you are moving into custom territory, and you lose the ability to update the kernel with a rootfs.

In general I would say that resizing the rootfs partition is not possible. Perhaps you can look into moving some of the data over to the /data partition instead, for example using a state script.

It seams it’s not supported, so i will plan to don’t have this feature.

You confimed my thougths.

Thank you @dellgreen and @kacf