Identity problem after cloning SD card

I have not found the solution to my problem, so I ask.
My boards are “raspberry pi zero W” with raspbian.
I have 1 board “accepted” on the hosted web interface.
I’ve cloned the SD card to create a second board and tried to add it on the mender web interface.
Obviously there is a problem… I can not see the second board on the web interface, and when I open a remote session to the first board, I am connected to the 2 boards simultaneously !!

What should I do to see the second board on the interface ?

I think it may be an identity problem. I may have to update the identity of the second board (I do not know how to do it). But “/usr/share/mender/identity/mender-device-identity” ouputs different mac address for each board. So I do not understand what is the problem…

Thank you for your help.

I might be wrong, but I think by cloning, rather than copying a fresh image to the second SD card that you are reusing the same public/private key pair for both devices which may be causing the issue.

“the combination of Identity attributes and public key forms an authentication set”

Finally it works. I have “dismiss” and rebooted all devices. Thanks for your reply.