How to load kernel images from different location?


Mender updates the kernel images as part of the rootfs in block update. Hence, the location of the kernel images are in /boot of the file system.

Now, there is a provision for updating the kernel image even if it is in another partition using update module.

Hence, I would like to know the recommended way of changing the partition from /boot to another one in U-boot env. Should I use MENDER_UBOOT_POST_SETUP_COMMANDS to define this? any other way to change the partition from the deafult?

At the moment “/boot/” is hardcoded in 0002-Generic-boot-code-for-Mender.patch. You may be able to use MENDER_UBOOT_POST_SETUP_COMMANDS to modify that but I suspect it will be tricky with the commands that are available at the UBoot prompt. It may be better to use a separate U-Boot variable to specify the location of the kernel/fdt but that would require changes to the patch mentioned above.

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