How to distinguish data going mender server in a pcap file


I have seen issues in devices in different regions where we are not able to communicate to https server on cellular connection. But these machines generally fix themselves after either removing the cellular modem and connecting them back or putting them on ethernet.

Today 15 machines in South FL region gave us the same issue.
Fortunately most of our devices in our lab today are also exhibiting the same issue. I ran a packet capture on our end.

Is there a way to distinguish what communication are going to mender server and which are not?
I want to confirm that no mender backend services are prohibiting me from communicating to my required https server

I’m not sure what you are looking for exactly. Assuming you use the hosted Mender service you should be able to see traffic going to The storage proxy uses AWS S3 so if you have other services using S3 you’ll need to find a way to distinguish that.

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