Guidance on Implementing Webhooks for Inventory Updates

Hello Mender developers and community members,

We’re currently evaluating and testing Mender for our IoT devices management and are quite happy with its capabilities. We have successfully integrated mender-inventory to gather inventory key-value pairs from clients and push them to the Mender server.

However, we have a requirement to call a webhook on an external URL when the Mender server receives an inventory update from a client. We understand that this would probably require modifications to the Mender source code, but we are not exactly sure which component(s) need to be modified.

We are seeking guidance from the official Mender developers and the community on how to tackle this problem. Specifically, we would like to know:

  1. Which Mender component(s) should be modified to implement the webhook functionality for inventory updates?
  2. Are there any existing hooks or extension points in the codebase that we could leverage to achieve this?
  3. If direct modification is indeed necessary, could you provide a high-level overview of the changes/architecture needed, and any recommended best practices for implementing this feature?

We appreciate your help in enabling this feature, as it would greatly improve our integration with external systems. We understand that this might not be a priority for the Mender development team, but any guidance or suggestions you can provide would be extremely valuable to us.


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