Grub.cfg not updated on the system


when I build a new mender image and change the bootargs in grub.cfg file via a recipe, everything is fine.
But when I install the mender image via mender-update on my system, the grub.cfg file is not updated.
Is this behavior correct?
What is the right way to update the grub.cfg file on the system via mender-update?

F.y.i: The file is hosted at /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT on my system.

Regards, Sebastian

Hi @ssuesens,

The grub.cfg being outside of the root filesystem means that it is not deployed along a standard system upgrade. Plus, Mender requires GRUB to handle the A/B switching, so I would be careful to touch the files. If it is absolutely required, you can always use a state script or such, but you will lose rollback capabilities for the file and hence introduce a single point of failure.

What is the deeper reason why you need to modify this file? Maybe a better approach is to incorporate a scripted loading strategy in GRUB?