Getting error "Mender commit failed exit_code=2 rollback has been executed by mender" while trying to update the Firmware of IoT device via OTA

The firmware upgrade fails with below error:

“time="2023-10-31T07:43:47Z" level=info msg="Loaded configuration file: /etc/mender/mender.conf"\ntime="2023-10-31T07:43:47Z" level=warning msg="Could not resolve path link: /dev/mapper/cube-root-mmcblk1p11 Attempting to continue"\ntime="2023-10-31T07:43:47Z" level=warning msg="Could not resolve path link: /dev/mapper/cube-root-mmcblk1p12 Attempting to continue"\ntime="2023-10-31T07:43:48Z" level=info msg="Mender running on partition: /dev/mapper/cube-root-mmcblk1p11"\ntime="2023-10-31T07:43:48Z" level=error msg="Could not commit Artifact: There is nothing to commit"\ntime="2023-10-31T07:43:48Z" level=warning msg="There is nothing to commit"”

Any solution or workaround for this error as we are having many IoT devices failing firmware upgrade with this error ?

Hi @saurabhssh,

Thanks for reaching out. A few questions:

  • do you have access to one of those devices? The partition pathes /dev/mapper/cube-root-mmcblk1p11 and /dev/mapper/cube-root-mmcblk1p12 look quite project specific. Can you check if those device nodes actually exist? For example, running ls -alh /dev/mapper on the device.
  • Is this a new situation on a fleet that was working up to now, with functional A/B updates? Or is it a new integration in progress?
  • generally, has anything changed on those devices, like a major kernel or distribution upgrade? I would specifically check anything related to the device mapper and its configuration.


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