Generating a mock artifact

Q. Is it possible to generate an artifact with no actual image payload?
Q. …a small dummy payload?

Our CI environment, as well as our DVT/PVT lab, would benefit from the ability to deploy a ‘mock’ artifact to test units.
The intention would be to generate the smallest possible artifact, whos only functionality would be to deploy an ArtifactInstall_Enter state-script that would publish a status message to the CI servers.
This state-script would be designed to always exit >0, aborting the installation (we dont want to install a new image in this test environment); so, we would prefer not wasting the time/cellular data-cost of transporting an actual installable image along with the artifact.


Not currently, but it’s possible this may be implemented quite soon, since we need it for some other related functionality as well.

Yes, in the meantime, just use a single-file Artifact, with a zero-byte /tmp/dummy file. See this post for more information.

@kacf Im starting to get tired of calling you a rockstar :wink:
…sadly, it looks like that solution requires the preexistence of an update module on the OTA client, which we cant currently accommodate, since most of our lab is a reflection of our currently deployed fleet - none of which have ‘update’ modules; or any modules, for that matter.


@kacf Has the mender-artifact “–script” switch been deprecated? I dont seem to be able to add a state-script to an artifact with single-file-artifact-gen passthrough.


Have you used the -- separator? The generators are generally split like this:


Many of them support some of the mender-artifact options also in the first set of options, for convenience, but not all.

@kacf Yeah, it was probably user error on my part. While I didnt see –script documented in the mender-artifact help, running unix strings on the binary revealed plenty of references to the functionality commented in the code.
At any rate, I gave up on that approach due to the module requirement, and decided to simply build a normal root filesystem type artifact to deploy my state scripts for testing. Despite doing it this way, I was able to bring the entire artifact size down to 9K, including 2 state scripts. Thats much smaller than I was planning for, and will make deploying significantly less expensive, in both time and data costs.

Anyway, I know I say it every time you respond to one of my posts, but I’ll say again; I really appreciate the guidance.


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