Full System Update with QEMU

Hello Forks.
I installed the meta-mender layer in QEMU and tried to distribute Artifact. I have a few questions to find out what I can do with QEMU in general. First of all is it possible to full system update with QEMU? Where should I start, if possible? Secondly, I used QEMU as a demo server, but now I switched to a production server. Should I recreate images? Does QEMU work with prdocution server?

Yes, you should be able to do full system updates in qemu. Details are here: QEMU, the FAST! processor emulator

I think it should work with the production server just fine as long as Mender is properly configured. The setup above should have all the variables in local.conf commented out. You just need to update them. I have not actually tried the qemu setup with a production on-prem server but I have used Hosted Mender to update.