For commiting how do you set the changelog tag

following the instructions here it says to tag with a changelog.

how do you tell git to add that tag. so its Changelog: None

You can specify changelog type after first line of commit message. I did it like it here

So basically in commit message you tell which changelog type you use and based on that you use one of four types (+ fill necessary info for some of them). Hope this helps.

So it has to be
Changelog: <type>

in that order or the licenses.go will error? if i do any other order it fails the travis build?

I would use:

<Short description of patch>

Changelog: <type>

More descriptive patch description


it is still failing on the pull request and i don’t know why

Can you pls share link?

Hi @bbbh,

We are talking about this PR, right?

I think you have edited the PR text but not the commit itself. When I look at the commit, it has no Changelog tag.

You need to edit the commit (i.e. git commit --amend ) to add the tag and then force-push the change (i.e. git push -f).



thank you it went through successfully.