Feedback on Geolocation from 3rd party as part of default inventory

Hi everyone,

We would like to add geolocation information by default to Mender as this is often used to make decisions and about software updates and ordering the deployments (e.g. deploy to Europe first, then east coast US). It turns out this can be achieved quite easily with a inventory script run on the device, you can see the PR here:

It does raise a potential privacy/security question though. In this PR the device would periodically call to convert the device IP to location information.

Our current thinking is that as long as this is clear and easy to disable (simply remove the script) we can provide it as part of the default installation of Mender.

We would like to hear your opinion on this, and if you have seen similar cases for other tools or products you are working with.


Adding geolocation from 3rd party to the default is good. However, we should explicitly mentioned the same in the document - easily accessible and visible to the people to avoid the confusion.
How about adding this change and how to remove if required in the production version page?
We already mentioned mender demo layer removal and default security changes here.

Also, I would like to know how to handle this feature if someone using proxy servers or VPN for their connection (where actual Geo location might be different) ?

Hi @ajithpv

Thanks, this makes a lot of sense.

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In this case it probably will not work as it is based on the IP address and other means have to be used for Geo location.

I consider the script we add mostly for demonstration purposes (as is really with all the inventory scripts we install) to show one (simple) way of Geo locations.

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