Failure to commit update with u-boot on mender 3.5


System information: compulab cl-som-imx8 (imx8mq)
Linux: linux-imx 5.4
U-boot: u-boot-imx 2019.04
Yocto: dunfell

I am working to update our system from mender 3.3 to mender 3.5. When I switched to 3.5 and tried to push the update, the mender web interface indicated that the update succeeded. However, the from looking at the console logs while the device rebooted it is showing that the bootcount was exceeded on a subsequent boot so the update available flag must have not been reset to 0.

Is there something that would have changed between 3.3 and 3.5 with regards to how mender updates the u-boot environment that would cause this to fail to be set?



There was a change to use libubootenv at some point to alter the uboot env variables. Might be worth checking the mender-client and meta-mender repos to see if that change falls with your versions


It looks like from the third issue you posted that libubootenv requires version 0.3 or greater and we are using 0.2 at the moment. I will look into updating that to see if it is possible for us.

I was able to upgrade to libubootenv and the updates now work.