Failing standalone mender install for manual update


I have setup a mender based image for a raspberry pi 4 which I want to update in standalone fashion.

I create the mender artefacts with the mender-convert tool from my golden image. This works perfectly. I am able to install the new image and this also works out fine.
But if I try to run a manual update like:

mender install my_image.mender

I get the following error

INFO[0000] Loaded configuration file: /var/lib/mender/mender.conf 
INFO[0000] 'UpdateControlMapExpirationTimeSeconds' is not set in the Mender configuration file. Falling back to the default of 2*UpdatePollIntervalSeconds 
INFO[0000] 'UpdateControlMapBootExpirationTimeSeconds' is not set in the Mender configuration file. Falling back to the default of 600 seconds 
WARN[0000] No server URL(s) specified in mender configuration. 
WARN[0000] Server entry 1 has no associated server URL. 
fatal error: unexpected signal during runtime execution
[signal SIGBUS: bus error code=0x2 addr=0xb6fe8008 pc=0xb681b5d4]

runtime stack:
runtime.throw(0x41f566, 0x2a)
	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/panic.go:1116 +0x5c
	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/signal_unix.go:679 +0x398

goroutine 18 [syscall]:
runtime.cgocall(0x355e80, 0x1d37af0, 0x28f96c)
	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/cgocall.go:133 +0x5c fp=0x1d37ad8 sp=0x1d37ac0 pc=0x22418, 0x1a92eb0, 0x204000, 0x180, 0x0)
	_cgo_gotypes.go:730 +0x38 fp=0x1d37aec sp=0x1d37ad8 pc=0x28da38*Env).Open.func2(0x1d906a0, 0x1a92eb0, 0x4000, 0x180, 0x1c)
	/ +0x64 fp=0x1d37b08 sp=0x1d37aec pc=0x28fa28*Env).Open(0x1d906a0, 0x1d985c0, 0x1c, 0x4000, 0x180, 0x0, 0x0)
	/ +0x88 fp=0x1d37b34 sp=0x1d37b08 pc=0x28e0bc, 0xf, 0x2f5ef0)
	/ +0x128 fp=0x1d37b7c sp=0x1d37b34 pc=0x295af8, 0x1c1a720, 0x17, 0x1c1a740, 0x1b, 0x40f6bb, 0xf, 0xbed3b7ea, 0x27, 0x0, ...)
	/ +0x28 fp=0x1d37c5c sp=0x1d37b7c pc=0x33807c*runOptionsType).handleCLIOptions(0x1d92000, 0x1da4680, 0x0, 0x0)
	/ +0x328 fp=0x1d37de8 sp=0x1d37c5c pc=0x335f8c, 0x3, 0x4)
	/ +0xa4 fp=0x1d37e00 sp=0x1d37de8 pc=0x33f92c*Command).Run(0x1d942d0, 0x1da4520, 0x0, 0x0)
	/ +0x3ec fp=0x1d37e78 sp=0x1d37e00 pc=0x326f5c*App).RunContext(0x1d9a000, 0x4ac3a8, 0x1c1c088, 0x1c0c0a0, 0x3, 0x4, 0x0, 0x0)
	/ +0x618 fp=0x1d37f10 sp=0x1d37e78 pc=0x324e0c*App).Run(...)
	/, 0x3, 0x4, 0x0, 0x0)
	/ +0x1c28 fp=0x1d37fc4 sp=0x1d37f10 pc=0x334c0c
	/ +0x38 fp=0x1d37fe4 sp=0x1d37fc4 pc=0x341818
	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_arm.s:857 +0x4 fp=0x1d37fe4 sp=0x1d37fe4 pc=0x82710
created by main.doMain
	/ +0x40

goroutine 1 [select]:
	/ +0xb4
	/ +0x14

goroutine 6 [syscall]:
	/usr/local/go/src/runtime/sigqueue.go:147 +0x130
	/usr/local/go/src/os/signal/signal_unix.go:23 +0x14
created by os/signal.Notify.func1
	/usr/local/go/src/os/signal/signal.go:127 +0x34

Any ideas on that? Did I configure something wrong?

This is my mender-convert config


# Additional space on rootfs partition

# Run mender client in standalone mode (no cloud connection)

source configs/raspberrypi_config

Thanks for your help