That is expected. The “current software” reports the last Artifact installed in the device.

But it suppose to show the rootfs-image version right??

No, it will show the last update on your device regardless of the type (rootfs-image or module-image).

Thank you… I am able to upload the signed docker with docker-artifact-gen from 2.0.x

You are welcomed :+1:

Thanks for reporting back.

How can we create single mender artifact for multiple dockers i.e for edgex.yml, which involves more than 12 dockers and dependency between them as well?

Just add all of them to DOCKER_IMAGES in your command, creating a list like DOCKER_IMAGES=“hello-world my-other-image-1 my-other-image-2”.

After you created the Artifact, you can inspect it with mender-artifact read and see the images that the device will pull. While pulling for the images, docker will take care of the dependencies as well.


Does this modules work with docker images stored in private DockerHub repositories?

Yes it works with private DockerHub repositories as well. For example:

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Hi @nofurey and @QuentinVecchio and welcome to the Mender Hub community.

The Update Module itself will just “pull” whatever you have specified in DOCKER_IMAGES.

So as @QuentinVecchio is pointing out, it will work with private registry as long as the device has access to such registry. If the registry requires authentication, the device will need to perform docker login prior to the containers update.

The source code is very simple, as this module is meant to be easily extensible. So do not hesitate to do you own extensions and share them back to the community :wink:


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