Docker Update Module, jq on armv7

Hello it seems that the binary for jq linux 32 are not suitable for an arm32v7 device.
Are you aware about any solution for this?

Hi @RightecPlus,

thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately I don’t understand the actual problem, I’m sorry.
The Update Module as is just requires the docker and jq tools to be functional on both the development host and the target device. This is independent from the architectures, it should be provided as an installable by the Linux distributions in use. How do you conclude there is no binary for arm32v7?


Hi @TheYoctoJester.
Because on the real target it does not work.
I’ve downloaded binaries from here: Download jq
At the line: jq 1.5 binaries for 64-bit or 32-bit.
It works on my docker image based on arm32v7 focal but in the docker desktop environment
But when i moved it on the same docker image but in the target environment it does not work at all.
It does not even work on the host target OS. It is an Epec board

@RightecPlus it just depends on the Linux distribution that is on that board. If it’s a Debian, use apt. For Yocto, add it to the image and rebuild. If you don’t know how the Linux distribution was generated, then please ask the vendor. We do not provide jq in a binary form, it is a requirement that the Linux distribution in question needs to fulfill.