Docker Swarm issues

I used this guide to get started on setting up a Docker Swarm for hosting my Mender instance but have hit two strange errors:

  1. The useradm service cannot connect to the db. Its mongo docker service has an alias of “mongo-useradm”, which is what the docs indicate it should default to. The other three services with associated mongo instances have started fine.
  2. The API Gateway cannot find “mender-inventory” – which is weird because it’s one of the services that looks to have started fine; I was expecting it to not be able to find the mender-useradm service, which is failing because of 1.
    Any help appreciated! Thanks

Update: the two issues have been resolved after a fresh install of Docker. However I’m now experiencing two other issues:

  1. The Minio service will not start – nothing helpful in the logs, just basic --help output. The container attempts to start 3 times and each time just shuts down right away.
  2. I can’t access the UI

I also noticed the cluster-setup walkthrough doesn’t create a workflows service. Is this not required for basic open source functionality?

Any help appreciated!

After some config massaging I’ve got the Swarm working

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