Deployment status progress bar wildly inaccurate

I’m trying out a deployment, and the progress bar/percentage for the download seems wildly inaccurate.

It started at 69%, and hasn’t changed since then. Is there a way to get the actual progress? Or how can I debug why this progress bar isn’t showing the correct progress?

I noticed that the connection from the device to mender server dropped a few times. I don’t think that explains the immediate jump to 69%, but maybe it could be involved?

I’m running another deployment, and the progress bar seems to be working (at 13% right now, and going up)

Per this link:

it’s just a “fake” progress bar increasing at a constant pace during 15 minutes. At exactly “0h 15m 00s”, where the progress is about to move from 44% to 45%, it jumps to 69% and just stays there until the end of the download, which can still take hours

I was running into the same wall when doing my deployments and after manually power cycling the device I was trying to update the deployment failed and I was able to access the mender logs. For me it was a signature verification error and the mender process would wait and increase the wait time after every failure. Obviously the signature verification wouldn’t change so it was just “stuck”.