Deployment on first connection and Software Versioning

Hello, I started using Mender a few weeks ago and I understand how Mender uses artifacts, releases, and deployments to update the devices.

I have an interesting use case. I use the Update Module to update 3 different software on my devices. When I connect a device to my hosted Mender for the first time, there is no feature to automatically deploy those apps to my device without doing a complete deployment. I have a nasty workaround that consists of telling my custom server to make a deployment only to this device.

Another thing I’d like to add is the capability of tagging my artifacts with the software name and version (which I think was possible before but removed in recent versions of Mender) so I can see them stacked in the interface, properly ordered, and to know which one is the latest so I can install it directly on my device’s first connection.

I hope this use case will be taken into account in future releases!