Delta Update

I’m just curious to know is that possible to perform delta update locally using delta artifact despite to the fact delta update is an enterprise feature?


If you are an Enterprise subscriber then you will have access to the appropriate update module needed for supporting binary deltas. That update module will work in either managed or standalone mode.

If I’m an enterprise subscriber, how can I generate this delta update module?

It is a bit unclear. What is this managed mode and standalone mode?

And the main question, is that possible to perform local update using this binary delta?

Full details are here. The part which requires Enterprise credentials is in downloading the mender-binary-delta executable.

Managed mode is the normal use of Mender where deployments are triggered through the Mender server. Standalone mode is using the client on a device without the server. You get the benefits of the dual a/b robust updates with rollback without using a server. Details are here.


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That’s clear.
Thank you very much for your brief reply @drewmoseley

@anishmonachan if you are only planning to use the delta Update Module in Standalone mode, then Professional subscription is enough. You can use it with either Enterprise trial (you can sign up anytime for free at, valid for 12 months), Professional or Enterprise. If you use it without any of these it would be a violation of the license agreement.

If you want the automatic resolution of dependencies (Mender server takes care of selecting the right delta for any given device) then you need Mender Enterprise (or the free trial version).

Full list of features & plans is here:

Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any further questions or feedback on this feature!