Crypted partition not unlockable after mender-convert

I’ve made a golden image that include an encrypted partition

Device                                     Boot   Start     End Sectors  Size Id Type
input/2021-05-20_17-55-08-DVMC-AQ-dev.img1         8192  532479  524288  256M  c W95 FAT32 (LBA)
input/2021-05-20_17-55-08-DVMC-AQ-dev.img2       532480 8728575 8196096  3,9G 83 Linux
input/2021-05-20_17-55-08-DVMC-AQ-dev.img3      8728576 9035775  307200  150M 83 Linux

the 3rd one 150MB sized in the list above
it’s bind to /dev/mmcblk0p3 before mender conversion

But I think I miss some config when running mender-convert because after converting
it change of name (/dev/mmcblk0p4 but it’s not a big deal) but it change of size and I cant unlock it any more

Device               Boot    Start      End  Sectors  Size Id Type
deploy/2021-05-20_17-55-08-DVMC-AQ-dev-DVMissionComp-dev-mender.img1 *       24576   548863   524288  256M  c W95 FAT32 (LBA
deploy/2021-05-20_17-55-08-DVMC-AQ-dev-DVMissionComp-dev-mender.img2        548864 14467071 13918208  6,7G 83 Linux
deploy/2021-05-20_17-55-08-DVMC-AQ-dev-DVMissionComp-dev-mender.img3      14467072 28385279 13918208  6,7G 83 Linux
deploy/2021-05-20_17-55-08-DVMC-AQ-dev-DVMissionComp-dev-mender.img4      28385280 28647423   262144  128M 83 Linux

128MB left on partition

it looks that it lost somewhere that it’s a LUKS partition because when trying to unlock it in the mender converted image :

$ sudo cat /data/masterkey.pem | sudo cryptsetup open /dev/mmcblk0p4 dm -
Device /dev/mmcblk0p4 is not a valid LUKS device. 

any idea would be much appreciated it’s my last issue before running in production !!
thank’s a lot

I’m fairly sure this is not supported as mender-convert doesn’t preserve your partitons. Just the contents of your single root partition in the golden image and creates the data partition from the contents of the /data directory on the golden image root partition. mmcblk0p4 will be the data partition.

I’m so sory I should have understand that alone and earlier I will try to mod the mender convert for importing directly any added partition
i was not awaked yesterday all my apologies