Creating an iso file from golden image

Hi everyone,

My name is Caner and i’am fairly new to Mender. I created an app with preconfigured raspberry images from docs / download pages and i can successfuly update my devices with artifacts.

What i wonder is how can i create a master img file from my sd card. When i take a dump it’s nearly ~16gb, after zip it it takes ~3.5Gb disk space. I have read the docs but can’t find an answer.

Is it enough to create a snapshot as mentioned below and can i use it as img file or is it just for remote updating

As far as i understand, there is a boot partition, two system partitions and one data partition. Is there any way to create a shrinked img file with only one boot, current system partition and one data partition. I think you got the point, i just want the smallest possible img file.

Thank you all, bye…

@erguncaner, welcome to the Mender Hub mate. I don’t think the method you’re asking about will work, but I’ve not tried it. I would like to ask you a quick question, if you don’t mind. When you say you can successfully update with artifacts, am I correct in assuming that those systems are not yet using the dual root partitions (aka system update) method? In other words, are you using the Update Modules method?

I ask because I’ve recently moved a project from the system update method to the update modules method on raspberry pi 4 units due to having an extremely difficult time with the system update method.

Thanks for any response/answer, and have a great day.

Hi @rushowr, thanks for warm welcome :slight_smile:

I’am affraid i don’t use Update Modules method yet. Right now i can only create an artifact with “Create an Artifact with system snapshot” method. Option 1 is the way i go.

Righto. So you’ve been able to use the dual root partition method? We’ve been struggling with Ubuntu Server >=v20 and honestly haven’t been able to get a properly booting system after the initial conversion of the golden image. Are you using the old Rasbian images supplied in the documentation? If so, I’m curious why ours didn’t survive all the way to pushing upgrades of the system software.