Create an update for a Docker Image

I have correctly followed this guide but, when it comes to generating a Mender Artifact it seems the image must be available on

What about if I create my own image with a Docker file i.e.:

# syntax=docker/dockerfile:1

FROM python:3.8-slim-buster



RUN pip install pyserial

CMD [ "python3", "./" ]

Am I still able to use Mender? (I’m on a Raspberry Pi 4)

The Docker module supports normal Docker image syntax, which can include other servers. Check out this example from one of the Mender Enterprise images:

However, it must be downloadable from a server. It does not package the Docker container inside the artifact. Someone asked about that functionality recently in the Update Module page.

Your link returns a 404 Not Found Page

So basically I first need to build the image, host it on a server, and run the Update Module to create an artifact that will download it from my server?

Yes, you need a login for that page. It was just meant as an example of the syntax, the actual link itself is unimportant.


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