Cd: can't cd to /mender-convert

I have been following this guide to convert a custom piOS image into a mender artifact. I have built the docker container to run mender-convert. After I run the container i get this output error from docker:

/usr/local/bin/ 21: cd: can’t cd to /mender-convert

Do i need to mount the container to the directory requested?

Hi @batesenergy,

This is the first time I see this error. Can you share your exact commands? My guessing is you are prepending a “/” in some point. Can you double-check the steps described in the repository? GitHub - mendersoftware/mender-convert: An easy way to integrate the Mender client into an existing image


@lramirez I tried the script on my ubuntu workstation and all worked well. It looks like the script fails when running on my mac?