Cannot clear a deployment from server

I am just messing about testing with the same mender artifact, and obviously that’s not you would do in production, however I am playing with the rest APIs and deleted my devices deployments however I cannot seem to delete a deployment entry for a deployment group.

This seems is be stopping me from reusing the same artifact as calling rest endpoints just returns no updates as the server has some knowledge about the artifact has been installed already. I juts want to clear everything so I can retest. I don’t want to keep creating new artifacts just for testing scenarios with the rest api.


gives me (which i cannot delete):
“name”: “DevDevices”,
“artifact_name”: “0.0.5”,
“created”: “2019-12-17T13:21:02.231Z”,
“finished”: “2019-12-17T15:28:51.877Z”,
“id”: “85e1d728-2706-4730-bc5a-046d646fdb2b”,
“artifacts”: [
“device_count”: 1,
“status”: “finished”

Hello and thank you for using Mender.

could you please paste here exact commands that you use to access API? could you add corresponding GET and DELETE calls with responses from deployments service?
could you also please provide list of groups and devices (responses from the API calls would be perfect), so I can try to reproduce the error.


Hi Peter,

Thank for the response. I have since found another way to achieve what i want.
For anyone interested, On device I just bump artifact_name version down in /etc/mender/artifact_info and then redeploy the same artifact on the server.