Beaglebone Black Debian 9.5 "Data Abort", keeps reseting

I used docker-mender-convert with a BBB Debian 9.5 image today. I was a little disappointed when my image didn’t boot and just kept resetting with the “data abort” message. This seems to be a bug that the Mender team is working on:

Until this is fixed, what should I do? I have configured a lot of stuff on the Debian 9.5 image so I would rather not switch images.

One workaround is to drop usage of GRUB and just patch U-boot but this might require some effort if you have not it before and you would need to adjust the mender-convert scripts to this method.

I have not been involved in debugging this, and would need to spend some time to understand what is going. Something that I might be able to do during next week

The solution you suggest is probably beyond my skill level. If you are willing to look into this, I would appreciate it. Thanks