Application Update with Client Authority

Hey guys,
I was wanting to do a directory update such that the Mender Client has the authority to make the update on its device even if the new release is already deployed.
I used directory-artifact-gen from Directory to create and deploy new releases.
As of now, I am able to make successful directory updates but the client would not be aware of the update made on its device.
Also, does the directory-artifact-gen not use state scripts? I found no use of state scripts using it.

Hi @SamanRatna,

I don’t understand your use case nor the exact problem that you are facing. Which kind of updates are you trying to perform?

What do you mean by “but the client would not be aware of the update made on its device.”? You can see the latest update on the client by calling mender show-artifact in the device itself. (The server will also show it).

With regards to the state scripts, directory-artifact-gen is not meant to ship any state script with the Artifact by default, but you can pass your own arguments to mender-artifact to install an state script. For example:

directory-artifact-gen [...] -- --script /path/to/my/statescript

Please give me some more background so that I can help you better :slight_smile:


Thanks @lluiscampos. It worked !