Adding dhcpcd to the Yocto config broke systemd completely, removal doesn't fix it

Hi there,

We’re currently experimenting with the Yocto Project (Dunfell branch) for our Raspberry Pi 4s along with Mender, which connect to the internet. We add dhcpcd to our CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL_append line which comes from openembedded/meta-networking in our conf/local.conf file, and it’ll build successfully however upon flashing the .uefiimg to an SD card and running it, poky gets stuck with a load of Failed to read symlink, ignoring: No such file or directory, on links such as: runlevel4, hostname1.service, locale1.service,,,, etc. It then throws Failed to load rescue target. Freezing execution and completely stops.

We’ve also tried removing the line (and purging the cache and tmp directories) however that didn’t solve the issue either. Any ideas?

Aside from switching to Yocto Kirkstone, it seems DD must’ve been leaving some data behind from prior images, as I initially wasn’t fully wiping the card before applying a new image to it. I’ve since started doing this and haven’t had any issues since. Kind of an accidental gloss-over on my part :sweat_smile: