Unable to convert images using Mender-Convert

Thank You, Marek :slight_smile:

Here is the complete cmd, which helped me to generate the image using mkosi

mkosi -d debian -r buster -b -t gpt_ext4 --checksum --password password -f --package=vim --package=nano --package=linux-image-amd64 --package=libpam-systemd -o image.raw

Here is the generated image, Google Drive Link Please check whether you can access it?

The image is untouched when given to mender-convert as input. Some modifications which I made in config files, here is the details



Let me know, what did I miss if image is appropriate, what changes I should perform so that it doesn’t fail from GRUB 2.04 window.


Yes I fetched it thanks. I’ll try to install it first and then convert and play with it. I cannot promise today or tomorrow but during weekend should be feasible. :wink:

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@Sash sorry had busy weekend and cannot test it but today at least try to flash original image to my device to verify it boots (at it was booting :wink: ). I converted image using mender-convert and tomorrow I’ll try to verify what can be cause of issue and get back to you. Thank you for patience :+1:

@Sash I flashed mender-convert image to my x86 device and it boots perfectly fine (+ adding patch on top of actual tree). My config is following:



# Nothing to copy

so maybe try to use it and it will work also on your setup. Thanks.


@MarekBelisko Thanks for the inspection and validating on the generated mkosi image.

I did consider the config file change and the patch as well, which you have pointed. Unfortunately ended again Dracut error.

After this error, Considering as per my HW device name has mmcblk1 and its partition table as
mmcblk1p1 EFI
mmcblk1p2 Linux Based System
mmcblk1p3 Linux-Swap

So I made changes in config file MENDER_STORAGE_DEVICE_BASE=/dev/mmcblk1p
Here is the image which ends up Kernel Panic issue. Not sure again! :frowning:

Since it was successful worked for your x86 device. Whether any pre-requisites required before flashing mender-convert images i.e. xyz.img.gz? Crurious to know about your device partition table as well?

Thank You @MarekBelisko & others who supported me. I could successfully flash images and boot in my Hardware. :blush:



@Sash what was the issue? Can you please share? Thanks.

Here I have included the changes which you pointed as well as included changes Pull-211. This I had considered after cloning the master branch. :hugs:

And consider an equal amount of device partitions. :slightly_smiling_face: