Single File

This is a limitation of the Demo environment, as we provide demo certificates for the and domains.

If you want to use a custom domain name you can setup a production environment,


How to include multiple files to deploy using this module?

HI @nishad1092 this update modules is specifically for deploying single files. You may be looking for:



Sure @drewmoseley, It looks good.

I have another query, so I just deployed a directory of two python file using directory module, and then I would like to execute this .py file, so I’m trying to execute it through script module by simple bash script to python run the file. But it isn’t getting deployed nor gettign executed. ? tell me if Im doing wrong or is there any other way?

Hi @drewmoseley,

I looked over this, It worked just fine, But one glitch, Few deployments went just fine, But whenever a deployment is failed or aborted, then the current artifact is show with “Inconsistent” tag, and also device isn’t syncing in real time after this, I had to restart manually.

Sir, Why is this? How to resolve it, or is this is a known bug\issue ? Because if a update fails, which might happen right, in that scenario, one can’t access the device becuase it isn’t realtime sycned and because of this, im not able to further deploy until i manually restart the device.