No compatible artifact found when doing delta update

I followed all the guides to integrate delta-updates.
The versions I’m using are as following:
mender 2.0.0 runtime: go1.11.13
mender-artifact on buildhost version 3.4.0

After provisioning the sdimg to the CM3 I did deploy the rootfs-image to the target.
sha265sum /dev/mmcblk0p2 8c0a883e2a4febbd728349fd7cf9331927c5ed354282ec38f7de10b0303ec80d /dev/mmcblk0p2

The delta image has the correct dependency to this checksum:

build@062f508d05ed:~/mender-raspberrypi/sources/meta-xxx/mender-binary-delta-1.1.0/x86_64$ mender-artifact read v1.2-deltaform-v1.0.mender
Mender artifact:
Name: release-v.1.2
Format: mender
Version: 3
Signature: no signature
Compatible devices: ‘[raspberrypi-cm3]’
Provides group:
Depends on one of artifact(s): []
Depends on one of group(s): []
State scripts:

Type: mender-binary-delta
rootfs_image_checksum: 327b304f837d6dd175ca1f83d7fb1177012863f997715fbe7e044614860c904c
rootfs_image_checksum: 8c0a883e2a4febbd728349fd7cf9331927c5ed354282ec38f7de10b0303ec80d
“delta_algorithm”: “xdelta3”,
“rootfs_file_size”: 440401920
size: 909792
modified: 2020-12-10 11:25:15 +0000 UTC
checksum: e3056c055b14b86ba62a1b374bda4ab923213f49cd0f1bb565785808fd72a644

So all is prepared as described in the howtos.

But all I get in the web-backend is a “No compatible artifact found” error!

We’re still using the Trial Plan and are evaluating Mender so I wonder if the error results from there?

Will delta-updates work on the Trial Plan?

Thanks for your help,

Please see the troubleshooting section of: Robust delta update rootfs

Will delta-updates work on the Trial Plan?


Hi Mirzak,

thanks for clarifying this.
Do you have a explanation, why this “No compatible artifact found” error shows up?
I cannot see any log message on the target, that an error occured.
Where can I dig further to find an explanation for this behaviour?


It is covered in the troubleshooting section of Robust delta update rootfs , specifically the section with the title “Deployment finishes with “No artifact” without updating the device”.

Most likely it is “issue 1” covered above, and there is a suggestion solution