Deploy update modules using yocto

Is there an easy way to include update modules in my yocto-based image?

For state scripts there’s the mender-state-scripts class one can inherit from. I’m hoping something similar exists.

Thanks for the help and the great product!

Hi @mterwoord,

You mean just installing the Update Modules on the client? Or would you like to generate Update Module Artifacts during a Yocto build as well?

You can make sure the Update Modules are installed by providing the following packageconfig as is done in meta-mender-demo,

We do not have any classes to generate the actual Update Module artifacts, this is very depended on what Update Module you are using and hard to create generic solutions.

I have started on writing something for the dir-overlay module, this can work as inspiration.

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Yes, I mean installing the modules on the client.

I can’t find how to get a module installed.

This is how, this will install all the modules that are available in the mender client source

but where are those modules then defined?

I will result in calling this,

Cool. I searched around using github search, but install-modules didn’t show up there.
How can I add extra modules? I have a variant of the directory module, which stops/starts a systemd service.

You could create a custom recipe, and make sure to install it to /usr/share//mender/modules/v3/, or add it to the mender_%.bbappend