Combine several artifact in a single release

I have several microcontrollers connected to my Raspberry and can update them via custom mender from Raspberry.
But also I have some software running on Raspberry that also should be updated from mender (and it can be)

What I want is to create a single release with Artifact1 (for microcontrollers) + Artifact2 (raspberry software), and deploy them one after the other in single deployment process

I see from Mender docs that there is such entity as Release, but in practice I can add multiple artifact to it only if they are for different Devices

So the question is Can I create a release with several artifact for the same device?

Hi @dimaxano

This is not supported at the moment.

@eystein can probably give you more information on the schedule here.

In general there are two ways, and none of them are supported at the moment.

  1. Multi payload Artifacts → read more here
  2. Multi Artifact deployments → Also not supported at the moment, but is an interesting application imo.

Hello @dimaxano

Is your Raspberry Pi and Microcontroller software dependent on each other? In other words, do you always want to update both at the same time?

If not, then I think you could simply use an Update Module to update your micro-controller and a different one (e.g. the built-in rootfs-image) to update your Raspberry Pi with independent Artifacts (and Releases).

If they are always dependent then I would use a custom Update Module or State scripts to “mimic” support for multi-payload Artifacts (e.g. see the link posted above).

Does it make sense?