Secure remote monitoring for Raspberry Pi | Mender

How can you set up secure remote monitoring for your Raspberry Pi single board computer (SBC) in your IoT device? You will want to target misbehaving devices that include the Raspberry Pi SBC easily. At some point in time, as you move from proof of concept to production and when your device fleet grows large enough, you want to be up-front about catching misbehaving devices. You will want to identify them in a monitoring hub, and from here you will want to access and diagnose the device. Ideally, you will want to get your monitoring functionality from the same provider who is also providing you with OTA software updating and remote terminal capabilities. When you move to a certain number of devices in the field you must become proactive rather than reactive, let’s say at a large scale of more than 1000 devices. If you have monitoring set up, you can identify problems with devices and fix them quickly.

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