Migrate to Linux with Yocto and Flutter in Embedded Devices | Mender

In association with Inovex

By Wolfhard Prell, developer, Inovex

This article will describe the migration from Android Things to a more specialized embedded solution using Yocto, Mender and Flutter for a meeting room management project. The project was completed by developers from Inovex. Inovex is an IT project house with a focus on digital transformation. At Inovex, over 250 consultants and IT engineers support companies in adding digital capabilities to their core competencies and implementing new value-added models. Inovex's portfolio includes web and mobile development, business intelligence, big data and search, data center automation and cloud infrastructures. Inovex has offices in Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart and is involved in projects across Germany.

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