Edge Monitoring and IoT - What is the Difference? | Mender

Internet-of-Things or commonly known as IoT is another tech buzzword that many use in everyday language. IoT is a complex and fragmented industry with many interpretations of what it can do, largely driven by a company’s strategy and position in the market space and their view of the world. The common denominator is that IoT should improve companies' bottom line and provide value by improving their customers’ experience. Companies see this as the 'next big’ opportunity to their world ‘domination’ however there are many pieces that will have to be figured out. A typical IoT product requires competencies from different fields in hardware, software, connectivity, networking, and cloud. Getting all the needed resources under one roof to launch an IoT product is a challenging endeavor for companies because for the most part these different pieces of the puzzle do not align with the company's core product and business logic. For a company to invest in the different parts of the IoT ecosystem by building homegrown solutions will not make much business sense. Therefore, as a result many have to turn to outside experts to help them achieve their goals. A Mckinsey & Company research report states:

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